Nozomi Koh is an artist and illustrator born in Osaka, Japan and currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
She captures real moments of people and life through oil painting, drawing, and collage.
Films and travelings have been her big sources of inspiration since her teenage years. She has self-published a few art books documenting her travels throughout the years. These include babylion (2015) and People, Life (2018).
Nozomi also has been illustrating for various clients such as Japan based musician annie the clumsy, clothing brand BEAMS, and POPEYE magazine.

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大阪府出身、オランダ アムステルダム在住のアーティスト、イラストレーター。
10代の頃から映画や旅が大きなインスピレーションとなり、これまでにオランダを中心とするヨーロッパでの旅の記録をアートブック「babylion」(2015年)、「People, Life」(2018年)として発表。
主な仕事に、annie the clumsyのアルバム等アートワーク、BEAMSでの作品展示やグッズの発売、POPEYE挿絵などがある。


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