Illustrator Artist Nozomi Koh, Nozomi Takayama

Nozomi Koh
Nozomi is a Korean Japanese artist and illustrator based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She specialises in drawing and painting and loves working in diverse styles and mediums, such as ink, oils, and pencil. Since her teenage years, Nozomi has been illustrating for various clients including Japan based musician annie the clumsy, clothing brand BEAMS, and POPEYE from Magazine House.
オランダの首都アムステルダムを拠点に活動するアーティスト/イラストレーターNozomi Koh (2020年までは活動名Nozomi Takayama)インク、油彩、鉛筆などを用い1つのスタイルにこだわらない自由な画法が特徴。クライエントはannie the clumsyBEAMSPOPEYE(マガジンハウス)など多岐にわたる。
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